All the Asanteman Associations have now united again under the umbrella of ACONA following a resolution to that effect and assented to by all accredited representatives of all the member associations.


The main aims and objectives of ACONA include:

  • Unite Asantes in North America
  • Promote the social, moral, educational and the general welfare of its members.
  • Provide a source of cultural enrichment, and promote interest, inform and educate the general community about Asante’s culture.
  • Instill and inculcate in the youth the love and pride of Asante cultural heritage.
  • Provide social networking and support for the members.
  • Organize periodic workshops to educate members on pertinent issues, such as Asante culture and traditions, legal, immigration, health, employment, insurance, and investments.
  • Project good image of Asantefuo in North America
  • Support Asanteman development efforts by motivating and educating members to financially support educational, health and other social programs in Asanteman.
  • Develop linkages to and networking with other African ethnic groups and participating in inter-cultural exchange programs.
  • Contribute to the development of the various communities in North America by performing voluntary services.